Requirements to Complete the Study Abroad Application

Spring 2025 Application is Open!

Deadline to Apply: October 15, 2024

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Study Abroad through the RBC adheres to all Howard University policies. HU policy requires all students to return to their place of residence in the event of an overseas emergency during the course of the study abroad semester.


Submission of the >>>Study Abroad Application HERE<<< Requires:

    1. Selection of ONE program for participation
    2. Acquisition of FIVE or more HU faculty signatures for overseas courses (semester study) or one or more for summer study abroad (optional)
    3. Initiation of ONE program application via the provider’s website
    4. Confirmation of a valid Passport or submission of passport application
    5. Completion of the Liability Release Form

>>>Within the application HERE<<<, you will be asked to upload PDF copies of:

  1. The  Study Abroad Course Approval Form (Available HERE) Course Approvals are optional for Summer IF completing an internship abroad OR only taking classes for enrichment. In order for a class to receive credit, it must be approved. Courses taken in Oaxaca have been pre-approved by the Department and do not require the Course Approval Form. To access all digital & signature fields, open in ADOBE or Print for physical signatures.
  2. A copy of the photo page of a valid passport or proof of application submission
  3. The Study Abroad Estimated Cost of Attendance Form (Available HERE)  Not required for Summer Study Abroad.
  4. A Personal Statement

BEFORE starting your application: Review the Steps to Study Abroad  HERE  and ensure you have completed all of them!