International Travel for Howard University Faculty, Staff & Students

Howard University is a global institution. Evident from the range of University activity abroad—such as foreign study, cultural exchange, scientific research, and service work—the University has an international footprint. This is consistent with our mission and vision. 


University sponsored or related international travel should proceed in a coordinated manner and with appropriate oversight, in order to ensure consistency with the University’s values, policies and procedures, and applicable law. The University is mindful of, among other issues, the well-being of faculty, students, and staff who carry out University activity across sovereign borders, management and operational logistics in foreign locations, and compliance with applicable law, regulations, and custom of foreign jurisdictions.  


University sponsored or related travel is defined as: 

  • Solo International travel wherein you are representing Howard University Abroad (ex: MOU Signing, conferences etc), or 
  • Travel organized by University faculty, staff member or group, leading students abroad regardless of funding sources or 
  • Individual or group student travel funded in part of in full by University funds, or 
  • Credit-bearing, or 
  • Sponsoring invited International Guests, or 
  • Conducting International Research. 


Read the complete travel policy.(currently under development) 


The International Travel Policy does not apply to students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally for personal reasons or on non-university trips. While the University’s insurance coverage may provide benefits while abroad, the University is not responsible for employees during their personal international travel. Individuals should explore travel insurance to cover potential claims & assistance. 



Individual students, student groups, and programs organized or sponsored by University departments or schools traveling overseas for university-related or sponsored experiences must comply with the International Travel Policy by completing the following International Travel Authorization application process. 


Get Started Button for Faculty & Staff that links to: Precipio explanation of how to complete in Workday


Get Started Button for Faculty & Staff Leading Students Abroad


Get Started Button for students to submit their information: Qualtrics Application for all students to participate on Faculty, staff or group led travel. 


Get Started Button: Semester or Summer Provider Programs through the Ralph Bunche Center 


Travel booking life cycle Graphic 

Short-Term Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

Faculty interested in taking students abroad are invited to partner with the Ralph J. Bunche Center on the Pre-Departure Orientation facilitation process. Interested faculty should contact the Study Abroad Program Manager at

"Don't Cancel Class" Faculty Opportunity

In an effort to keep our students in the classroom and engaged, HU Bison Abroad staff are happy to substitute for faculty in the event that may need to be absent. During this time, the Study Abroad Program Manager will provide a lesson centered around the topic: gaining a global perspective. Should you be interested in this opportunity, contact the Study Abroad Program Manager, MaRaina Montgomery at 72 hours in advance to schedule this appointment.

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