The Course Approval Form is the key academic tool that determines your ability to study abroad for credit. Semester study abroad students cannot leave home without it. Any students taking summer classes abroad for credit must also complete the form (*open in Adobe Acrobat after download).


Download Course Approval Form


STOP: Attention to detail is CRITICAL. The name and HU course number must be accurate to ensure transcript processing. Please reference the HU Catalog for course information. Additionally, the name and course number of the overseas class MUST match what is listed on your overseas transcript EXACTLY.

There are 4 parts to this form:

Part 1: Captures all of your information and program information.

Part 2: Captures courses that have been previously approved (if any).

Part 3: Captures courses that have not yet been approved; by obtaining faculty or department chair signatures for the class they teach or department the course falls under.

Part 4: Captures the signature of your Academic Advisor or Dean once they have reviewed the completed form and determined all prerequisites have been met and your ability to stay on track for graduation, given your selected courses.

The Course Finder Database below, allows you to search for study abroad courses that have been previously approved as equivalents for specific Howard University courses. You can search by country, provider, major, course number, or keyword.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the courses you can take while abroad. This database is constantly expanding as new courses are approved and new programs are added. If you wish to take a course that is not listed in the database, you need to contact the person in the appropriate academic department to determine if the class is equivalent to a course offered at Howard University (see video for complete instructions).

**** Language Courses Require Language Department Chair Verification of Student’s Language Level****

Course Finder Database

Study Abroad Previously Approved Courses

CountryProgram + CitySemesterYear ApprovedMajorOverseas Course #Name of Overseas CourseNumber of CreditsHU Course #Name of HU CourseNumber of Credits
ArgentinaUMN Buenos AiresSpring2023ArtARGN 4621Buenos Aires: City of the Arts3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
ArgentinaUMN Buenos AiresSpring2023AllARGN 3006Topics in Argentine History3HIST 040Introduction to the History of Latin America and Caribbean I3
ArgentinaUMN Buenos AiresSpring2023ArtARGn 3752International Marketing3INBU 320International Marketing3
ArgentinaUMN Buenos AiresSpring2023FilmARGN 3008Latin American Literature & Cinema3MJFC 310Multicultural Media History3
ArgentinaUMN Buenos AiresSpring2023AllARGN 3003Politics & Society in Latin America3POLS 171Government and Politics of South America3
ArgentinaUMN Buenos AiresSpring2023AllARGN 3301Cross-Cultural Psychology3PSYC 031Cross Cultural Psychology3
ArgentinaUMN Buenos AiresSpring2023Spanish LanguageARGN 1002Beginning Spanish II5SPAN 004Spanish IV3
AustraliaAIFS PerthSpring2017AllBIO 246Microbiology3BIOL 220General Microbiology3
AustraliaAIFS PerthSpring2017AllREL 205Mysteries, Magic and Myths3CLAS 109Classical Mythology3
AustraliaAIFS PerthSpring2017AllBUS 161Introduction to Economics3ECON 001Principles of Economics I3
AustraliaAIFS PerthSpring2017AllEGL 121Turning Points in Literature3ENGL 015Introduction to Humanities II3
AustraliaAIFS PerthSpring2017AllPHL 131Critical and Creative Thinking3PHIL 051Principles of Reasoning3
AustraliaAIFS PerthSpring2017AllPSY 294Cognitive Processes3PSYCH 021Cognitive Psychology3
Australia and SpainCIEE Sydney and MadridSpring2023AllBUSI 3001 MASPInternational Finance3ECON 191International Economics3
Australia and SpainCIEE Sydney and MadridSpring2023AllMGMT 3004 CIEEPrinciples of International Business3ECON 192International Commercial Policy3
Australia and SpainCIEE Sydney and MadridSpring2023AllPUBH 3003 CIEEComparative Health Care Systems3HHPL 159Health Science3
Australia and SpainCIEE Sydney and MadridSpring2023AllPOLI 3005 CIEEComparative Politics Theory, Methodology and Practice3POLS 700Political Theory3
Australia and SpainCIEE Sydney and MadridSpring2023AllCOMM 3301 CIEEIntercultural Communication and Leadership3SOCI 165Intergroup Relations3
Australia and SpainCIEE Sydney and MadridSpring2023AllSOCI 3005 MASPRace and Ethnicity3SOCI 166Race, Class, and Gender3
AustriaIES ViennaSummer2023AllPS 343Psychology & Society in Vienna3PSYC 025Social Psychology3
AustriaIES ViennaSummer2023AllPS 353Health Psychology & Communication Skills3PSYC 035Health Psychology3
BotswanaISEP GaborneFall2022AllSTA 116Intro to Statistics3MATH 009Introduction to Statistics3
BotswanaISEP GaborneFall2022AllSOC 125Theories of Crime and Deviance3SOCI 173Deviance and the Community3
BotswanaISEP GaborneFall2022AllBFA 100Intro to Theatre3THFD 010Introduction to Theatre3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2023AllSP/LAST 300Social Justice & Inequality in the 21st Century Brazil3AFRO 170Directed Research3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017EconomicsBR 420Economics and Development in Brazil3ECON 002Principle of Economics II3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllEPO 1Economia Politica I4ECON 132Political Economy3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllImpactos Economicos das Eleicoes2ECON 132Political Economy3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllBR410Brazilian Politics & Society3ECON 171Govt. & Politics of South American Countries3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllBR430Current Social Issues in Brazil3ECON 174Labor Law & Social Legislation3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllBR420Economics & Development in Brazil3ECON 186Economic Development in Africa3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllEconomia Politica e Relacoes Internacionais3ECON 191International Economics3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllBR400Poverty and Inequality in 21st Century in Brazil3ECON 199Introduction to Urban Economics3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllRAST 3002Ethnic Studies: National and Ethnic Issues in Modern Russia3HIST 056Topics in European History3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2018AllBR410Brazilian Politics and Society3POLS 125Politics of the Third World3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2018Political ScienceBR430Current Social Issues in Brazil3POLS 171Government and Politics of South American Countries3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2023AllSP/POLI 310Brazilian Politics and Society3POLS 171Government and Politics of South America3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2023AllSOCI 350Re-Thinking Racial Democracy in Brazil3POLS 192Contemporary Approaches to Political Analysis3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2018AllBR400Poverty and Inequality in 21st Century3POLS 193Special Topics in Political Theory3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017PortugesePL 101Beginning Portugese3PORT 001Portugese 0013
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2018PortugesePL 201Intermediate Portugese3PORT 003Portugese 33
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2023AllPORT/LANG 250Intermediate Portugese II3PORT 004Portugese IV3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2023AllINTR 360Brazilian Cinema: Society, Culture and Politics3PORT 700Afro-Brazilian Film3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2023AllSP/LAST 330Contemporary Issues in Brazilian Society3SOCI 003Social Problems3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllBR 430Current Social Issues in Brazil3SOCI 140Urban Sociology3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2017AllBR 400Poverty and Inequality in 21st Century Brazil3SOCI 151Sociology of Poverty3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2023AllSP/SOCI 350Pre-Thinking Racial Democracy in Brazil3SOCI 166Race, Class, and Gender3
ChinaCIEE ShanghaiSpring2018ChineseCHIN 1001Chinese Beginning 16CHIN 002Chinese 23
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018ChineseCN 301Chinese Language in Context: Emerging Independent Abroad3CHIN 004Chinese IV3
ChinaCET ShanghaiSpring2018Chinese LanguageCL 150Advanced Beginning Chinese3CHIN 050Oral Expression I3
ChinaCET BeijingSpring2017AllCS210Working in China - Service and Culture3CHIN 190Chinese Independent Study3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018Computer ScienceVG 101Intro to Computers and Programming3CSCI 135Computer Science 13
ChinaCIEE BeijingSpring2017All4830220Introduction to Database Systems3CSCI 432Database Systems3
ChinaCET ShanghaiSpring2018AllSH 230The Chinese Economy3ECON 186Economic Development of Africa3
ChinaCET ShanghaiSpring2018AllSIT 310International Economics3ECON 191International Economics3
ChinaCIEE BeijingSpring2017All3835770Business English and Communications3ENGL 009Technical Writing3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018AllMK 467International Marketing3INBU 3320International Marketing3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018AllVR 202Introduction to Philosophy: The Philosophical Basis of Western Culture3PHIl 055Introduction to Philosophy3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018AllPH 120Intro to Classical Chinese Philosohpy and Religion3PHIL 144Philoshophy of Religion3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018Politcal ScienceVR140Comparative Government and Politics3POLS 003Introduction to Comparative Politics3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018AllVR 160Intro to Global Politics3POLS 008Intro to Political Economy3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018Politcal SciencePO/IR 340International Politics in East Asia3POLS 175Government and Politics of South Asia3
ChinaIES ShanghaiSpring2018AllIB 365Global Supply Chain Management3SCHM 211Intro to Logistics3
ChinaCIEE BeijingSpring2017All1833140Public Speaking in English3SLMC 101Principles of Speech3
ChinaCIEE ShanghaiSpring2018AllINSH 3003Organizational Internship3SOCI 105Sociology Internship3
ChinaCIEE ShanghaiSpring2018AllSOCI 3001Issues in Chinese Society3SOCI 140Urban Sociology3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllGEOG 310Environmental Conflicts, Territorialities, and Ethnic groups in Colombia3HIST 170Global Warming, People, and Environment3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/GEOG 310Enviornmental Conflicts, Territorialites, and Ethnic Groups in Colombia3PHIL 148Environmental Ethics3
ColombiaCET CaliFall2022Political ScienceSOCI 300Race, Ethnicity, and Identites: Debates in Colombian Context3POLS 007Intro to Black Politics3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/SoCI 300Race, Ethnicity, and Identites: Debates in Colombian Context3POLS 007Intro to Black Politics3
ColombiaCET CaliFall2022Political ScienceSOCI 315Crime and Justice in Colombia3POLS 125Politics of Third World3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/SOCI 315Crime and Justice in Colombia3POLS 125Politics of Third World3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/SOCI 315A Crime and Justice in Colombia3POLS 171Government and Politics of South America3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/SOCI 315Crime and Justice in Colombia3POLS 171Government and Politics of South America3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/SOCI 330Race and Identities: Debates in the Colombian Context3POLS 193Special Topics in Political Theory3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllSOCI 330Race and Identities: Debates in the Colombian Context3SOCI 166Race, Class, and Gender3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllSOCI 315Crime and Justice in Colombia3SOCI 170Principles of Criminal Justice3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA LANG 200Spanish as a Foreign Language3SPAN 002Spanish II3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA LANG 301 + 305Pre-Semester Intensive Spanish3SPAN 051Oral Communication II3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllLANG 201Pre-Semester Intensive Spanish3SPAN 051Oral Communication II3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA LANG 301 + 305Pre Semester Intensive Spanish Course3SPAN 060Textual Analysis3
ColombiaCET CaliFall2022Political ScienceLANG 250Spanish as a Foreign Language - Level Beginner 23SPAN 060Textual Analysis3
ColombiaCET CaliFall2022Political ScienceMusic and Education of Afro Culture3SPAN 075Contemporary Afro-Cuban Expression3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllMusic and Education of Afro CultureSPAN 075Contemporary Afro-Cuban Expression3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/POLI 320Reclaiming Blackness: Social and Political Movements in Colombia3SPAN 084Contemporary Hispanic America3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllPOLI 320Reclaiming Blackness: Social and Political Movements in Colombia3SPAN 084Survey of Latin American Literature and Civilization I3
ColombiaCET CaliFall2022Political ScienceANTH 330Cultures of Afro-Descendants in Colombia3SPAN 085Hispano-Africana3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/SOCI 330Race & Identities: Debates in the Colombian3SPAN 085Afro Latinidad Experiences: Cultures, Race and Nations3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllANTH 330The Cultures of Afro Descendants in Colombia3SPAN 085Hispano - Africana Cult. Produc.3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/ANTH 330The Cultures of Afro-Descendants in Colombia3SPAN 085Afro Latinidad Experiences: Cultures, Race, Nations3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2023AllCA/ANTH 330Cultures of Afro-Descendants in Colombia3SPAN 085Hispano-Africana3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023ArtART 2130Mural Painting and Public Art3ARTA 018Public Art I3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSummer2018PhotgraphyPHOT 2100Ecological Photography4ARTE 085Digital Photgraphy3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023AllART 1301Basic Principles of Drawing3ARTF 001Drawing I3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023AllSOCY 3050Diversity and Sexual Identity in Latin America3ENGL 286Intro to Black LGBTQ Studies3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023HealthHHD 2500introduction to Human Physiology3HHPL 103Physiology3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023HealthHHD 1020Intro to Physical Therapy3HHPL 118HHPL Athletic Training Course3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023HealthHHD 2500Alternative Health Approaches3HHPL 175Controlling Stress and Tension3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2018Spanish LanguageHIS 230Contemporary Latin American History3HIST 056Topics in European History3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023AllSPN 4110Contemporary Costa Rican Female Writers3HUMA 107Women in Literature3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2018AllHIL 3100Comparative Classical Philosophy3PHIL 055Introduction to Philosophy3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2018AllPSY 3050Cultural Psychology3PSYC 031Cross Cultural Psychology3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2018AllPSY 220Health Psychology3PSYC 035Health Psychology3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017AllPSY 220Health Psychology3PSYCH 035Health Psychology3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017AllCOMM 3070Creative Conflict Resolution3SLMC 431Management and Conflict Negotiation3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023AllCOMM 3070Creative Conflict Resolution3SLMC 431Conflict MGMT & Negotiation3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSummer2018SpanishSPN 101Elementary Spanish I5SPAN 002Elementary Spanish I3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023AllSPN 201/SPN 202Intermediate Spanish I/Intermediate Spanish II4SPAN 002Spanish II3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2023AllSPN 210Intermediate Spanish Conversation4SPAN 003Spanish III3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017Spanish LanguageSPAN 301Advanced Spanish 13SPAN 040Intensive Grammar Review3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017Spanish LanguageSPAN 340Oral Expressions Techniques3SPAN 050Oral Expresions I3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017Spanish LanguageSPAN 078Spanish for Business and Advanced Composition3SPAN 051Oral Expressioins II3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017Spanish LanguageSPAN 340Advanced Spanish Techniques & Advanced Spanish 13SPAN 052Reading and Writing Workshop3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017Spanish LanguageSPAN 410Advanced Composition3SPAN 077Advanced Grammar and Composition3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2017Spanish LanguageSPAN 304Spanish for Business3SPAN 078Business Spanish3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2018Spanish LanguageSpanish 304Spanish for Business3SPAN 078Business Spanish3
Costa RicaAIFS San JoseSpring2018Spanish LanguageSpanish 251Intermediate Spanish for Law Enforcement Professionals3SPAN 140Independent Study3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2018ArtPSYC 3004Psychoanalysis and Art3ARTH161Art Appreciation3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2018PhotographyJJB154Introduction to Photojournalism3ARTP050Basic Black & White Photography3
Czech RepublicCET PragueSpring2017Czech LanguageCE 100Beginning Czech Language3CZEC 001Czech I3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2018AllECON 3004Economics of the European Union3ECON 192International Commercial Policy3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2017JournalismLITT 3003Interpretations of Czech Fairy Tales3ENGL 281Topics in Literature3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2017JournalismJOUR 3001International Reporting3MJFC 201Multimedia Storytelling3
Czech RepublicCET PragueSpring2017MediaFP 510Film Technology and Practice3MJFC 220Media Production 23
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2018FilmFILM 3004The Feminine Aura3MJFC 221Contemporary Topics; Race, Gender and Media3
Czech RepublicCET PragueSpring2017Media311 HFSThe History of Film Space3MJFC 310Multicultural Media History3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2017JournalismCOMM 3001Media Impact in Central Europe: Past and Present3MJFC 310Multicultural Media History3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2017JournalismJOUR 3004Social Media's Revolutionary Impact on Journalism3MJFC 315Special Topics in Literature3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2018AllRELI 2001World Religions and the Media3MJFC 315Special Topics in Journalism3
Czech RepublicCET PragueSpring2017Media311SFScript for Short Feature3MJFC 340Scriptwriting3
Czech RepublicCET PragueSpring2017Media311 SFSFEScript for Short Feature3MJFC 340Scriptwriting3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2018FilmCINE 3011East European Cinema3MJFC 422FIlm and Social Change3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2018AllCINE 3012Uses and Misuses of Propoganda in European Film3MJFC 422Film and Social Change3
Czech RepublicCIEE PragueSpring2017JournalismPOLI 3006The Politics and Economics of the European Union3POLS 188European Politics3
Dominican RepublicCIEE SantiagoSpring2017AllAfro-Carribean Cultures3AFRO 163Black Experience in the Carribean3
Dominican RepublicCIEE SantiagoSpring2017AllHispanic Literature3ENGL 225Modern Carribean Literature3
Dominican RepublicCIEE SantiagoSpring2017AllART 109Domincan Dance and Folklore1HHPL 062Zumba1
Dominican RepublicCIEE SantiagoSpring2017AllLAC 386Afro-Caribbean Cultures3SPAN 085Afro-Hispanic Literature and Civilization3
Dominican RepublicCIEE SantiagoSpring2017AllART 135Latin American Cinema and Society3SPAN 194Spain and Latin America through Film3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2018All5115Sociology of Culture and Sub Culture3ANTH 110Intro to Cultural Anthropology3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017All4 MEST006WMedia Explorations3ARTD 122Digital Design II3
EnglandISEP PlymouthSpring2018Electroic Studio ArtsDAT 504Advanced Web Technologies3ARTD 124Web Development and Interactive Media3
EnglandISEP PlymouthSpring2018Electroic Studio ArtsGCOM 541Communicating Information3ARTD 124Multimedia II3
EnglandISEP PlymouthSpring2018Electroic Studio ArtsDAT 503Reflexive Design3ARTE 084Image Processing3
EnglandISEP PlymouthSpring2018Electroic Studio ArtsDAT 506Emerging Technology3ARTE 089Digitial Media and Multimedia Apps I3
EnglandISEP PlymouthSpring2018Electroic Studio ArtsDAT601Realtime3ARTE 0963D Modeling and Animation II3
EnglandISEP PlymouthSpring2018Electroic Studio ArtsDAT 603Gameplay3ARTE 097Intro to Game Design3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllAHST 355London's Museums & Galleries3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllAHST 380Art and Activism3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017AllZMMA412Modern Art in London3ARTH 170Modern Art3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017All4IMAG3UThe Constructed Photograph3ARTP 050Photography3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2018BusinessBS2209Business and Industrial EconomicsBECN 330Managerial Economics3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2023BusinessBM1101Business Economics15BECN 330Managerial Economics3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017BusinessBS 1106Introduction to Business Law15 UK CreditsBLAW 305Business Law I3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2018BusinessBS1106Introduction to Business LawBLAW 305Business Law I3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2023BusinessBM2210Introduction to Business Law15BLAW 305Business Law3
EnglandAIFS LondonFall2022AllAHST 335Londons Museums and Galleries3CLAS 103Classical Art3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2023BusinessEC2009International Trade15ECON 191International Economics3
EnglandAIFS LondonFall2022BusinessECON/BUSIEurope and the Global Economy3ECON 197Economic Problems of Western Europe3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllENGL 320Creative Writing3ENGL 117Intro Creative Writing - Fiction3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2023AllEN2005Romantiscm15ENGL 243British Romantic Sensibilities3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllENGL 315British Drama - from Shakespeare to Modern Day3ENGL 247Genres in British Literature: Drama3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2017AllLIT 5100Travel Writing3ENGL 281Topics in Literature3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2018BusinessBS2100Principles of FinanceFINA 311Finance Principles3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017BusinessBS3102Financial Management15 UK CreditsFINA 313Financial Management3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2023BusinessAS3301Investments15FINA 330Principles of Investments3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2017AllENV 3100World Regional Geography3HIST 101World Geography3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017AllCINE 3002The Great Beauty: Pride & Politics in the Italian Film Industry3HUMA 111Classic Films in English3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2018BusinessBS1204International Business EnviornmentINBU 300Principles of International Business3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2023BusinessIF3101International Finance15INBU 340International Financial Management3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017BusinessMS 2103Operations Management15 UK CreditsINFO 335Productions and Operations Management3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017AllMS 2103Operations Management4INFO 335Product and Operations Management3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2018BusinessMS2103Operations ManagementINFO 335Production & Operations Management3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2023BusinessBM1201Operations and Supply Chain Management15INFO 396Production Operation and Management3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017BusinessFR 2208Risk Analysis and Modeling15 UK CreditsINSU 354Risk Management3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017BusinessBS 1102Introduction to Management15 UK CreditsMGMT 301Management and Organizational Behavior3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017AllBS 1102Introduction to Management4MGMT 301Management and Organizational Behavior3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2017All4200Introduction to Entrepreneurship3MGMT 351Entrepreneurship3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2018BusinessBS3111Entrepreneurship Theory and PracticeMGMT 351Entrepreneurship3
EnglandAIFS LondonFall2022FilmFILM 285Introduction to European Cinema3MJF 225History of Broadcast and Film3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2017AllPHIL 055Intro to Philosphy3MJFC 100Fundamentals of Journalism3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017AllCOMM 3003Mass Media in Europe3MJFC 101Intro to Mass Comm3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2018AllCC2008Web Creation and Digital StorytellingMJFC 201Multimedia Storytelling3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017All3002Gender, Race, Sexuality and Popular Culture3MJFC 221Race, Gender and Media3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2018All5420Comparative Monarchies: Games of Thrones3PHIl 163Classical and Medeival Thought3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017Political Science4007Contemporary Controversies in International Relations3POLS 128International Relations3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017AllRELI 2001Politics of Religion3POLS 154Gender, Law, And Politics3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2018All5200Power in the Americas3POLS 171Government and Politics of South American Countries3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017AllPOLI 3002European Comparative Political Systems3POLS 188European Politics3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2018All5205British Politics: Inside Parliment3POLS 188European Politics3
EnglandAIFS LondonFall2022AllPOLI 332British Politics3POLS 188European Politics3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllPOLI 332British Politics3POLS 188European Politics3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllPOLI 355Europe and Britain3POLS 188European Politics3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017All4PSPYCOO4WDevelopmental Psychology3PSYC 022Developmental Psychology3
EnglandAIFS LondonSummer2018AllPSY 4215ABiological Basis of Human Behavior3PSYC 023Neuropsychology3
EnglandAIFS LondonFall2022AllPSYC 310Cultural Psychology3PSYC 031Cross Cultural Psychology3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017All3003Pscyhology of Health and Wellness3PSYC 035Health Psychology3
EnglandIES LondonSpring2017AllBS 3211Supply Chain and Logistics Management4SCHM 375Seminar-Information Technology in Business3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017AllCOMM 3307Intercultural Communication & Leadership3SLMC 301Intercultural/International Communication3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllCOMM 455Intercultural Communication3SLMC 301Intercultural/International Communication3
EnglandCIEE LondonSpring2017AllCOMM 3004Gender, Race, Sexuality and Popular Culture3SLMC 341Race, Gender and Media3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2017AllSCL 3100Foundations of Sociology3SOCI 001Introduction to Sociology3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2018All3100Foundations of Sociology3SOCI 001Introduction to Sociology3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllCRIM 333Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice3SOCI 070Criminology3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllCRIM 333Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice3SOCI 070Introduction to Criminology3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllSOCI 318London and Social Justice Movements3SOCI 122Resistance, Revolt, Reform and Revolution3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2018All4100Rich World, Poor World3SOCI 151Sociology of Poverty3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllSOCI 335Diversity in London: Minority, Ethnicity, Immigration and Integration3SOCI 166Race, Class, and Gender3
EnglandAIFS LondonSpring2023AllTHTR 315British Drama - From Shakespeare to Modern Day3THFD 010Intro to Theater3
EnglandCIEE LondonSummer2023AllPS 343Politics of Religion3POLS 185Political Behavior3
EnglandCIEE LondonSummer2023AllAHIS 3001British Art History: The Golden Age3ARTH 162Intro to African Art History3
FijiISEP SuvaSpring2017BiologyBI 202Invertebrae Biology3BIOL 205Invertebrae Biology3
FijiISEP SuvaSpring2017BiologyBI 309Comparative Animal Physiology3BIOL 341Animal Physiology3
FijiISEP SuvaSpring2017AllMA 111Calculus 1 and Linear Algebra3MATH 156Calculus 13
FijiISEP SuvaSpring2017BiologyPS 304Psychology of Personality and Abnormal Behavior3PSYC 024Personality Psychology3
FijiISEP SuvaSpring2017BiologyBI 201General Ecology3PSYC 050Ecology3
FranceIES ParisSpring2023ArtFH/CU 220Art, Design & Fashion in France3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
FranceIES ParisFall2019AllAH 215History of Paris in Architecture and Art3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
FranceAIFS Paris - JTermSpring2023Art308Art History 308/ Paris World Capital of Arts3ARTH 165Introduction to Art History3
FranceIES ParisSpring2023BusinessCM/MK 340Luxury Business Strategies & Communication3BCOM 320Business Communications3
FranceIES ParisFall2022Political SciencePO/IE/IR 370Green Growth, Sustainability, and the New Economy3ECON 191International Economics3
FranceIES ParisSpring2023BusinessIR/EC 340Economic Integration and European Markets3ECON 191International Economics3
FranceCIEE ParisSpring2018AllECON 3002European Economic Integration ad Its Impact on the French Economy3ECON 197Economic Problems of Western Europe3
FranceIES ParisSpring2023AllFR 101French language in Context: Novice Abroad I3FREN 001French I3
FranceIES ParisFall2022FrenchFR 201French Language in Context: Novice Abroad III3FREN 003French III3
FranceISA ParisSpring2023FrenchFREN 220Intermediate French4FREN 004French IV3
FranceISA ParisSpring2023FrenchFREN 350Advanced French4FREN 004French IV3
FranceUMN MontpellierSpring2023AllMONT 1301Intermediate Grammar & Methodology3FREN 040Intensive Grammar Review3
FranceUMN MontpellierSpring2023AllMONT 1309Intermediate Coversation3FREN 051Oral Communication II3
FranceCIEE ParisSpring2018AllFREN 3002French language - Advanced II3FREN 077Advanced Grammar and Composition3
FranceIES ParisFall2022AllFR 401French Language and Culture: Emerging Competence3FREN 077Advanced Grammar and Composition3
FranceUMN MontpellierSpring2023All1302WWriting in French: Tools & Techniques3FREN 077Advanced Grammar & Comprehension3
FranceIES ParisFall2022AllLT345Poetica and Politics of Gender in France: From French Feminism to Gender Studies3FREN 082Survey French Civilization and Literature I3
FranceUMN MontpellierSpring2023All3312Civilization of the South3FREN 090Societe Cont Francaise3
FranceUMN MontpellierSpring2023All3308Art History: From Modern to Contemporary3FREN 106African Films3
FranceUMN MontpellierSpring2023All3014Phonetics3FREN 172French Phonology3
FranceCIEE ParisSpring2018AllHIST 300220th Century French History3HIST 151Europe Since 18153
FranceIES ParisSpring2023AllPO/EC 350International Political Economy and the New World Order3POLS 128Intro to International Relations3
FranceIES ParisFall2019AllIN 395Internship Seminar3POLS 150Internship 13
FranceIES ParisFall2022AllPO/IR 345New Security Issues in a Globalized World3POLS 159Simulation of International Organziations3
FranceIES ParisFall2019AllUS/SO 365Urban Studies: Contemporary Paris: Politics, Policies and People3POLS 165Urban Pol Economy3
FranceIES ParisFall2022All330Media, Politics, and Politcal Communication in the US and France3POLS 178American Foreign Policy3
FranceCIEE ParisSpring2018AllFREN 3002European Comparative Political Systems3POLS 188European Politics3
FranceIES ParisFall2019AllIR/EC 340Political Economy of European Union3POLS 188European Politics3
FranceCIEE ParisSpring2018AllINDR 4901Directed Independent Research3POLS 199Behavioral Research Methods3
FranceIES ParisFall2022AllMK 350Digital Marketing and Communications3SLMC 410Social Media and Integrated Marketing3
FranceIES ParisSpring2023AllSO/HS 315France and Islam3SOCI 006Independent Study3
FranceCAPA ParisSpring2023ArchitectureARH 420History of Paris: Architectural Perspective3ARCH 803Independent Study3
FranceISA ParisSpring2023AllARTS 25020th Century Art3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
FranceISA ParisSpring2023AllARTS 113History of Arts, Literature and Photography3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
FranceISA ParisSpring2023AllECON 120Principles of Microeconomics3ECON 002Principles of Economics II3
FranceISA ParisSpring2023AllMATH 210Business Statistics3ECON 180Statistics for Business and Economics3
FranceCAPA ParisSpring2023AllFRE 202Intermediate French II3FREN 004French IV3
FranceCAPA ParisSpring2023AllCOM 430Communication & Global Competence3FREN 015Humanities II3
FranceCAPA ParisSpring2023AllENV 320Environmental Changes3HIST 106Environmental Conservation3
FranceCAPA ParisSpring2023AllIRS 331Globalization: Politics, Culture and Global Governance3POLS 003Intro to Comparative Politics3
FranceISA ParisSpring2023AllCOMM 130Communication Techniques/Speech3SLMC 101Principles of Speech3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2018AllINDR 4901 BRGEDirected Independent Research3AFRO 170Directed Research3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2018AllGERM 2002 BRGEGerman Language - Intermediate German II3GERM 004German IV3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2018AllCINE 3001 BRGEGerman Cinema: Berlin on Screen3GERM 111Classic FIlms in English3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2018AllPOLI 3002 BRGEEuropean Comparative Political Systems3POLS 003Intro to Comparative Politics3
GermanyAIFS BerlinSpring2023All315/FU BEST 70Islam & Europe: Historical & Cont. Dimensions3POLS 193Special Topics in Political Theory3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2018AllPSYC 3002 BRGEPsychology of Health and Illness3PSYC 035Health Psychology3
GermanyAIFS BerlinSpring2023All312/FU BEST 6The Human Condition and the Totalitarian Experience3SOCI 122Resistance, Revolt, Reform & Revolution3
GermanyAIFS BerlinSpring2023AllGerman 202Intermediate 2 Intensive3GERM 040Intensive German Grammar Review3
GermanyAIFS BerlinSpring2023All304/FU BEST 20Pop Culture: European - American Trends3GERM 111Classic Films in English3
GermanyAIFS BerlinSpring2023All334/FU BEST 34Migration: Dynamics and Controversies in Europe and Berlin3SOCI 006Independent Study3
GhanaCIEE LegonFall2021AllUGRC 222intro to African Studies/ Africa in the World3AFST 101Intro to Contemporary Africa3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023BiologyGEO 479Environmental Ecology3BIOL 801Environmental Studies I3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023AllCLAS 308Slavery in Graceo-Roman Antiquity3CLAS 115Slavery in the Ancient World3
GhanaCIEE LegonFall2021AllECON 101Introduction to Economics3ECON 001Principles of Economics I3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023AllENGL 398Landmarks of African American Literature3ENGL 054African American Literature to 19403
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All314Intro to African Literature3ENGL 281Topics in Literature3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023AllDANC 112Introduction to Traditional Dance3HHPL 062Zumba3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023HealthSOBS 642Culture and Sexuality3HHPL 153Human Sexuality3
GhanaCIEE LegonFall2021AllGSPH 345Contemporary Issues in Health Promotion3HHPL 163Foundations of Health Promotion3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All101Earliest Civilizations3HIST 001Study of Civilization3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023AllPOLI 372Political Thought in the Black Diaspora3HIST 005Intro to Black Diaspora I3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All111History of Ghana up to 18003HIST 070Topics in History3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All414Sports Communications3MJFC 315Special Topics in Journalism3
GhanaCIEE LegonFall2021PsychologyPSYC 355Developmental Psychology 13PSYC 022Developmental Psychology3
GhanaCIEE LegonFall2021PsychologyPSYC 455Neuropsychology3PSYC 023Intro to Neuropsychology3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023SociologySOWK 332Working With Communities3SOCI 006Independent Study3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All324Groups, Organizations, and the Individual3SOCI 020Intro to Social Psychology3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023SociologySOCI 403Theories of Social Development3SOCI 100Social Theory and Society3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All326Quatitative Methods in Social Research3SOCI 110Elementary Statistics3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All438Demographic Analysis3SOCI 130Principles of Demography3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All122Diversity of Peoples and Cultures3SOCI 131Intro to Human Ecology3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023SociologySOCI 310Culture and Development3SOCI 139Independent Study3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023SociologySOCI 309Urban Sociology3SOCI 140Urban Sociology3
GhanaCIEE LegonSpring2018All346Medical Sociology3SOCI 183Introduction to Medical Sociology3
GhanaCIEE LegonFall2021TheatreTHEA 111Literary Orientation to Theatre3THFD 010Intro to Theatre3
GhanaISEP AccraSpring2023TheatreTHEA 212Play Analysis and Interpretation3THFD 080Play Analysis3
GhanaISEP AccraSummer2023AllHIST 315History of the Black Diaspora3HIST 005Introduction to the Black Diaspora I3
GhanaCIEE AccraSummer2023AllSOCI 3003Atlantic Crossings3SOCI 139Independent Study3
GhanaCIEE AccraSummer2023AllTWIL 0001Communicative Twi langugae3AKAN 001Elemantary Akan Twi I3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSummer2023AllART 130Introduction to Digital Photography3ARTE 085Digital Photography3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSummer2023AllMKTG 324E-Marketing3MKTG 301Principles of Marketing3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSummer2023AllHumanities 210Religions of the World3HUMA 107Philosphy of Religion3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021AllAH 2027Aspects of Greek Art in Athens3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021AllHY 2034History of Ancient Greece3CLAS 104Greek Civilization3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021AllCL 1004Myth in Ancient Greece and Roman World3CLAS 109Classical Mythology3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021AllPH 3010Le Ethics3PHIL 057Introduction to Ethics3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021AllPS 3626Social Psychology3PSCH 025Social Psychology3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021PsychologyPS 4839Cognition3PSYC 021Cognitive Psychology3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021AllPS 2207Developmental Psychology: The Preschool Years3PSYC 022Developmental Psychology3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021PsychologyPS 2257Diversity and Social Interaction3PSYC 031Cross Cultural Psychology3
GreeceAIFS AthensFall2021AllSO 1000Le Introduction to Sociology3SOCI 001Introduction to Sociology3
IrelandAIFS GalwaySummer2023AllGE 298Global Experiences International Internship3PSYC 045Internship3
IrelandCIEE DublinSummer2018AllCOMM 3399 CTSAIntercultural Communication, Identity and Leadership3AFRO 176Practicum/Internship6
IrelandIES DublinSpring2018AllFSH 301Enviornmental Monitioring and Forensic Biology3BIOL 230Ecology4
IrelandIES DublinSpring2018AllBE 434Human Inheritance and Population Genetics3BIOL 475Human Evolutionary Biology4
IrelandIES DublinSpring2018AllLC 478Sexualities, Language and Society3CLAS 113Women in the Ancient World3
IrelandAIFS LimerickSpring2018Computer ScienceCE 4717Language Processors6CSCI 350Structure of Programming Language3
IrelandAIFS LimerickSpring2018Computer ScienceCS 4043Games Modeling Design6CSCI 421Computer and Video Game Developemnt3
IrelandAIFS LimerickSpring2018Computer ScienceCS4416Database Systems6CSCI 432Database Systems3
IrelandAIFS LimerickSpring2018Computer ScienceCS4082Introduction to Web Development6CSCI 452Network and Web Programming3
IrelandAIFS LimerickSpring2018Computer ScienceMB4005Analysis6MATH 195Intro to Analysis3
IrelandIES DublinSpring2018AllN5432Neuropsychology3PSYC 023Neuropsychology3
IrelandIES DublinSpring2018AllEN 321Oral Skills Advanced3SLMC 101Principles of Speech3
IrelandAIFS LimerickSpring2018Computer ScienceSO 4001Introduction to Sociology6SOCI 001Introduction to Sociology3
IrelandIES DublinSpring2018Spanish LanguageSP 108Spanish 2 Beginners3SPAN 002Spanish II3
IrelandIES DublinSpring2018AllED 1015Drama and Physical Education3THFD010Intro to Theater3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtFACECE 200Ceramics (Beginner)3ARTC 121Ceramics 13
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtFAAEGA459Internship: Gallery Assistant3ARTC 129Ceramics IX3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtFA SC FS 310Foundation Scuplture3ARTC 137Ceramics Scuplture Workshop3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtDIVCDA 220Introduction to Digital Animation3ARTE 0832D Animation3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtDIVCG 1210Image Processing3ARTE 084Image Processing3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtFAPDID220Intermediate Drawing3ARTF 003Drawing III3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtFAPDFS225Florence Sketchbook3ARTF 004Drawing IV3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtFAPDFD120Foundation Painting3ARTF 011Painting I3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtIDPDPD 210introduction to Product Design3ARTF 090Three Dimensional Concepts 23
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtDIVCG1210Digital Graphic Illustration3ARTF 114Computer in the Arts3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtIDIDCD2803D Computer Design and Rendering3ARTF 114Computer in the Arts3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2017AllARH 321Baroque Rome and His Monuments3ARTH 165Intro to Art History3
ItalyAIFS FlorenceSpring2017JournalismADM 341Photography for the Media3ARTP 056Editorial Photgraphy3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtDIPHIP 250iPhoneography3ARTP 085Digital Photgraphy3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023ArtFAPDFS 225Florence Sketchbook3ARTR 004Drawing 43
ItalyAIFS RomeFall2021AllHIST/POLI/SOCI 330Italian Mafias: History and Evolution3CLAS 016Ideas in Antiquity3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2017AllLIT 330Roman Life and Thought3CLAS 102Roman Literature3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2018AllLIT 330Roman Life and Thought3CLAS 102Roman Literature3
ItalyAIFS RomeFall2021AllSOCI 310Italian Culture: Facts, Customs, and Traditions3CLAS 105Roman Civilization3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2017AllLIT 329Classical Mythology3CLAS 109Classical Mythology3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2018AllLIT 329Classical Mythology3CLAS 109Classical Mythology3
ItalyAIFS RomeFall2021AllCLAS/E NGL 310Greek & Roman Mythology3CLAS 109Classical Mythology3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2018AllECN 357International; Economic Relations3ECON 191International Economics3
ItalyAIFS FlorenceSpring2017FashionARH 317Italian Fashion3FASH 188Current Topics in Clothing3
ItalyAIFS FlorenceSpring2017FashionMKT 370Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods3FASH 191Special Projects II3
ItalyAIFS FlorenceSpring2017FashionMKT 315Fashion Marketing and Retail3FASH 193Fashion Brand Identity3
ItalyAIFS FlorenceSpring2017FashionCOM 461Fashion and Media3FASH 195Fashion, Art, and Media Design3
ItalyAIFS RomeFall2021AllCOMM/FILM 310A Century of Italian Cinema3GERM 111Classic Films in English3
ItalyISA FlorenceSpring2023HealthFWDNLN160Lifetime Nutrition, Wellness, and Physical Activity3HHPL 048Exercise and Wellness1
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2017AllHIST 314History of Food and Table Manners3HIST 001Introduction to Civilization3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2017AllRLG 300Comparative World Religions3HIST 003Introduction to History3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2017AllHIST 326History of Italian Mafia3HIST 032Modern Europe Colloquism3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2017AllHIST 311Rome Through The Ages3HIST 150Modern Europe3
ItalyAIFS FlorenceSpring2017JournalismCOM 308Writing for Media3MJFC 201Multimedia Storytelling3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2018AllMKT 301Principlesof Marketing3MKTG 301Principles of Marketing3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2018AllISL 300Service Learning and Active Citizenship3POLS 151Internship II3
ItalyAIFS RomeSpring2018AllPLT359Europan Union in the New International System3POLS 188European Politics3
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2017AllLIT 325Asian Texts: Legacy of the Past3ENGL 014Introduction to Humanities3
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2023AllJAPN 1004Japanese Language - Beginning II3JAPN 040 + JAPN 050Intensive Grammar Review, Oral Expression I3
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2023AllEAST 3001Analysis of Japanese Popular Culture3JAPN 190Japanese Independent Study I3
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2023AllVART 3001Japanese Manga and Art3JAPN 191Japanese Independent Study II3
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2017Political ScienceAPOL 2050Intro to International Relations3POLS 128International Relations3
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2017AllAPOL 3030Japanese Security and Foreign Policy3POLS 175Government and Politics of the SouthEast Asia3
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2017AllAPOL 2100Intro to Contemporary Politics3POLS 192Contemporary Approaches to Political Analysis3
JapanCET OsakaSpring2023All1034Japanese Business Cultures & Practices3SOCI 730Culture Conflict and Confict Resolution3
JapanCET OsakaSpring2023All1001JSL Level I PT 1JAPN 001 + JAPN 002Japanese I, Japanese II, Japanese III, Japanese IV3
JapanCET OsakaSpring2023All1037Japanese Enviornmental IssuesSOCI 006Independent Study3
JapanCET OsakaSpring2023All2033Japanese Philosophies3SOCI 139Independent Study3
JapanCIEE TokyoSummer2023AllINSH 3826Summer Global Internship3POLS 151Internship in Political Science3
JapanIES TokyoSummer2023AllJP 2020Japanese Language in Context Novice Abroad III3JAPN 040Intensive Grammar Review3
JapanISEP NagoyaSummer2023AllGENKI L1-L7Summer Japanese Course I A3JAPN 003Japanese III3
JapanCIEE TokyoSummer2023AllJAPN 1001 TOJABeginning Japanese3JAPN 002Japanese II3
JapanCIEE TokyoSummer2023AllJAPN 1001 TOJABeginning Japanese3JAPN 040Intensive Grammar Review3
JapanCIEE TokyoSummer2023AllEAST 3001 TOJAAnalysis of Popular Culture in Japanese Society3JAPN 190Independent Study3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllSpanish II3SPAN 002Spanish II3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllSpanish III3SPAN 003Spanish III3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllSpanish IV3SPAN 004Spanish IV3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllGrammar Structures3SPAN 040Grammar Structures3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllOral Communications I3SPAN 050Oral Communications I3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllOral Communications II3SPAN 051Oral Communications II3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllReading & Writing3SPAN 052Reading & Writing3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllAdvanced Oral Expressions II3SPAN 055Advanced Oral Expressions II3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllTextural Analysis3SPAN 060Textural Analysis3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllSpanish for the News Media3SPAN 064Spanish for the News Media3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllSimultaneous Interpretation3SPAN 065Simultaneous Interpretation3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllSimultaneous Interpretation II3SPAN 066Simultaneous Interpretation II3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllAdvanced Composition3SPAN 077Advanced Composition3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllBusiness Spanish3SPAN 078Business Spanish3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllHispanic Peoples & Cultures3SPAN 089Hispanic Peoples & Cultures3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllIntro Spanish-English Translation3SPAN 177Intro Spanish-English Translation3
MexicoCECAT OaxacaSummer2022AllAdvanced Spanish-English Translation3SPAN 178Advanced Spanish-English Translation3
Multiple: Paris & LondonAIFS France & UKSummer2023FashionMKTG 345Fashion Marketing and Communication3FASH 193Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising3
South AfricaISA Cape TownFall2021BusinessCML 1004SBusiness Law 118BLAW 305Business Law 13
South AfricaAIFS StellenboschSpring2023AllSociology 144Social Issues in South Africa12SOCI 003Social Problems3
South AfricaAIFS StellenboschSpring2023AllSociology 212Poverty, Inequality and Development8SOCI 151 + SOCI 006Sociology of Poverty and Sociology Independent Study3
South AfricaAIFS StellenboschSpring2023AllSocial Anthropology 324Culture, Power, Identity12SOCI 155Sociology of Power3
South AfricaAIFS StellenboschSpring2023AllSociology 311Politics and Cultural Change in Contemporary South Africa12SOCI 161Problems in the Black Community3
South AfricaAIFS StellenboschSpring2023AllSociology 222Social Identity and Inequality8SOCI 165Race, Class and Gender3
South AfricaAIFS StellenboschSpring2023AllSocial Anthropology 212Social Anthropological Themes12SOCI 186Death and Dying3
South AfricaAIFS StellenboschSpring2023AllSociology 252Industrial Sociology12SOCI 189Sociology of Work3
South AfricaCIEE Cape TownSummer2023AllINSH 3826Academic Internship In the Global Workplace3SLMC 401Practicum - Internship: Public Relations3
South AfricaCIEE Cape TownSummer2023AllINSH 3826Academic Internship In the Global Workplace3SLMC 491Cap Comm Lab3
Multiple: South Africa, IrelandCIEE Douglass FellowSummer2023AllPACS 2001Leadership Strategies to Advance Social Justice3SLMC 250Introduction to Leadership and Management Cooperation3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSummer2023AllUIC1654Introduction to Art History3ARTH 165Introduction to Art History3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSummer2023LawIEE3378Legal Theory: Law & Philosophy3PHIL 155Philosophy of Law3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSummer2023AllPSY3111Social Psychology3PSYC 125General Social Psychology3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSummer2023AllPSY3111Social Psychology3PSYC 125General Social Psychology3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSummer2023AllIEE 3378Legal Theory: Law & Philosophy3PHIL 155Philosphy of Law3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSummer2023AllUIC1654Introduction to Art History3ARTH 165Introduction to Art History3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2018All35720Introduction to Asian Art History3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulFall2019AllIEE 2083-01-00Korean Art History3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllLST 2003Genetics3BIOL 200Genetics3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023BiologyPAPP357Environmental Policy3BIOL 204Science and Public Policy3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2018All35450Spectroscopic Analysis3CHEM 126Instrumental Methods of Analysis3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllAnalytical Chemistry 23CHEM 126Instrumental Methods of Analysis3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllCHE 2103Organic Chemistry3CHEM 141Organic Chemistry3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllCHEM 202Physical Chemistry 23CHEM 172Physical Chemistry 23
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSpring2018AllMEU2650Dynamics3CIEG 302Dynamics3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2018Computer Science36339Introduction to Computer Science3CSCI-100Computer Programming And Lab3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSpring2018AllECO 1103Principle of Microeconomics3ECON 002Principles of Economics II3
South KoreaISEP South KoreaSpring2023All22218Microeconomics 023ECON 002Prinicples of Economics II3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2022All35731The Korean Economy3ECON 191International Economics3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023Business12922Financial Management3FINA 311Finance Principles3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2022All37561North Korean Society and Culture3GERM 100Individual and Society3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2018All10769Modern and Post Modern Culture3GERM 101Individual and Society3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2023AllUCL 1109Physical Training1HHPL 057Exercise & Wellness1
South KoreaCIEE SeoulFall2019AllIEE 1151-01-00Health and Wellness3HHPL 159Health Science1
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2022AA StudiesUCL 1101Women in Literature3HUMA 107Women in Literature3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023Business13373Management of Global Corporations3INBU 380International Entreprenuership3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2022AllAcademic Korean 13KORE 001Korean I3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllKLI 1001Intensive Korean Language3KORE 003Korean III3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulFall2019KoreanKL11001-KL11006Korean Language Course Level 1-66KORE 004Korean 43
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllIFLS 240Korean Speaking for Beginners2KORE 050Oral Expressions in Korean2
South KoreaCIEE SeoulFall2019KoreanCOMM 3301 KSEOIntercultural Communication and Leadership3KORE 100Korean Culture3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulFall2019AllSTA 1001-04-01Introduction to Statistics3MATH 009Introduction to Statistics3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2023AllEDU 2106Educational Statistics3MATH 009Intro to Statistics3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSpring2018Comp SciMEU 2600Mechanics of Solids3MEEG 204Solid Mechanics3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSpring2018AllMST 2210Intro to Material Sciences3MEEG 209Materials Science3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSpring2018AllMEU 2610Thermodynamics3MEEG 304Thermodynamics3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSpring2018AllMEU 2630Mechanism Design3MEEG 310Mechanical Design I3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023Business11782Marketing Management3MKTG 301Principles of Marketing3
South KoreaISEP South KoreaSpring2023All36576Sight-Singing & Ear Training II1MUSB 012Advanced Ear Training2
South KoreaISEP South KoreaSpring2023All34067History of Western Music II2MUSC 011Music History II: The 18th and 19th Centuries3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2023AllIEE 3371Understanding KPop3MUSC 110Global Popular Music3
South KoreaISEP South KoreaSpring2023All36583Class Piano II1MUSE 022Functional Piano IV1
South KoreaISEP South KoreaSpring2023All37877Korean Music Vocal IV1MUSG 122Voice Minor IV2
South KoreaISEP South KoreaSpring2023All20883Korean Music Ensemble IV1MUTL 022Large Ensemble1
South KoreaISEP South KoreaSpring2023All34813Piano Accompaniment II2MUTO 022Student Recital IV0
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllPHIL 4028Philosphy of Culture3PHIL 153Philosophy of Culture3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulSpring2018AllPHY 1012Engineering Physics and Experiments3PHYS 014Physics II3
South KoreaISEP SeoulFall2021AllPAPP 356Administration and Leadership3POLS 145Introduction to Public Administration3
South KoreaISEP SeoulSpring2023AllIEEE 3329Brain, Cognition, and Daily Life3PSYC 023Neuropsychology3
South KoreaCIEE SeoulFall2019AllIEE 3583-01-00Society and Human Behavior3SOCI 020Social Psychology3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023BiologyBSMS207Microbiology3BIOL 220Microbiology4
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023BiologyLIST301Molecular Biology I3BIOL 320Molecular Biology4
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023BiologyLIST401Cancer Biology3BIOL 420Cancer Biology3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023ChemistryBMED219Organic Chemsitry3CHEM 141Organic Chemistry3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023Business11914International Economics3ECON 192International Commercial Policy3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023AllELED414Advanced English Writing3ENGL 129The Art of the Essay3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023AllELED 102British and American Literature through Film3HUMA 111Classic Films in English3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023Business11684Internmational FInancial Management3INBU 340International Financial Management3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023AllIFLS111Intermediate Korean II3KORE 004Korean IV3
South KoreaISA SeoulSpring2023All11802Introduction to Political Science3POLS 001Intro to Political Science3
SpainIES BarcelonaSummer2023AllIN 395ALeading Across Cultures: Internship Seminar3POLS 150Political Science Internship I3
SpainIES BarcelonaSummer2023AllCINE 3001Literature and Cinema in Spain3RUS 111Classic Films in English3
SpainIES BarcelonaSummer2023AllAHIS 3001Catalonia and Spain Through the Arts3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
SpainCIEE BarcelonaSummer2023AllINSH 3801Internship Seminar (in Spanish)3POLS 151International Affairs Internship II3
SpainCIEE BarcelonaSummer2023AllSPAN 3001Advanced Spanish3SPAN 050Oral Communication I3
SpainCIEE BarcelonaSummer2023AllSPAN 3001Advanced Spanish3SPAN 004SPANISH IV3
SpainCIEE BarcelonaSummer2023AllSPAN 001Communicative Spanish Language3SPAN 003Spanish III3
SpainISA SevilleSummer2023AllART/CUL 270ESpanish Art & Cultural Heritage3SPAN 014Introduction to Humanities I3
SpainISA SevilleSummer2023AllHSC/PSY 410ESocial Psychology3SOCI 020Intro to Social Psychology3
SpainISA SevilleSummer2023AllECO/POL 330EEconomics & Politics of the EU3POLS 008Political Economy3
SpainISA SevilleSummer2023AllSPAN 3001Advanced Spanish3SPAN 050Oral Communication I3
SpainAIFS MadridSummer2023AllCH4641Spanish Culture3SPAN 089Hispanic People's and Culture3
SpainAIFS MadridSummer2023AllCH4631Women in the Spanish Golden Age of LiteratureSPAN 107Women in Literature3
SpainAIFS MadridSummer2023AllCH2651Conversation and Culture (Intermediate Spanish B1)3SPAN 003Spanish III3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017International Business329Barcelona City Planning and Architecture3ARCH 301Architecture Historical Survey3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018AllART 340The Seven Wonders of Spain3ARCH 303History Theory3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023ArtFAPDFP120Foundation Painting3ARTA 011Painting I3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023ArtFACECE200Ceramics3ARTC 121Ceramics I3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023ArtDIVCG1210Digital Graphic Illustration3ARTD 111Illustration3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018ArtART 328Digital Photography3ARTE 085Digital Photography3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023ArtDIPHIP250iPhonegraphy3ARTE 085Digital Photography3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023ArtFA PR PD 315Product Design3ARTE 092Independent Study II3
SpainAIFS GrandaFall2022AllART 305EHistory of Art in Spain3ARTE 305Classical Art3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017Spanish LanguageArt 9327The Great Art Collecticus in Spain3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018AllArt and Architecture 337Urban Interventions and Art as a Language3ARTH 161Art Appreciation3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017Spanish LanguageART 327Spanish Art and Cultural Heritage3ARTH 170Modern Art History I3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018AllART Hist 51607Contemporary Spanish Art3ARTH 197Contemporary Art3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017Photography3001Photojournalism3ARTP 050Basic Photography3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017AllEconomics 304Strategic Behavior in Business and Eocnomics3BECN 330Managerial Economics3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017International BusinessECON 304Strategic Behavior in Business and Economics3BECN 330Managerial Economics3
SpainIES MadridSpring2017Information SystemsB307Business Statistics and Econometrics6BECN 330Managerial Economics3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018AllEconmoics 304Strategic Behavior in Business and Economics3BECN 330Managerial Economics3
SpainISEP MurciaSpring2018All1851Fisologia Vegetal12BIOL 344Plant Physiology4
SpainISEP MurciaSpring2018All1853BioEstadistics12BIOL 430Biostatistics4
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018Computer Science21428Language Processors3CSCI 350Structure of Programming Language3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science15974Software Engineering3CSCI 375Software Engineering3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018Computer Science21427Database Design3CSCI 432Database Systems3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science13878Operating Systems3CSCI 432Operating Systems3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science13884Computer Networks3CSCI 450Data Communication3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018Computer Science21745Wireless Multimedia Networks3CSCI 451Applied Wireless Networks3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science15973Cryptography and Computer Security3CSCI 453Intro to Cybersecurity3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science18200Cybersecurity Engineering Applied to Information Systems3CSCI 454Intro to Cybersecurity3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science13867Machine Learning I3CSCI 475Introduction to Machine Learning3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018AllLiterature 350Literature and The Image of Barcelona in Literature3ENGL 281Topics in Literature3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018Spanish LanguageFI 53155Introduction to Business Finance6FINA 311Finance Principles3
SpainAIFS GrandaFall2022AllPOLS/SOCI 312EThe Arab World and The West: Past and Future3GERM 100Individual and Society3
SpainCIEE MadridSpring2018PschologyPUBH 3002Community and Public Health3HHPL 163Health Promotion3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017Spanish LanguageHistory 323Spanish Civilizatiion and Culture3HIST 001Introduction to the Study of Civilization I3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023All51628A Messy Garden; A History of the Culture values of Europe3HIST 056Topics in European History3
SpainCIEE MadridSpring2018PsychologyPSYC 3001Family, Schools, and Child Development3HUDV 095Human Development in Family, Culture, and Society3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2017AllIC/CM 329Language, Culture and Communication: Hispanic Cultures3HUDV 120Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Human Development3
SpainAIFS GranadaSpring2017All307Creative Conflict Resolution3HUDV 149Youth, Consumer Culture & the Earth3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018BusinessIB/FI 355International Finance3INBU 340International Financial Management3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018BusinessMG 345Management Across Borders3INBU 360Management of International Business3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018BusinessIB 360Entrepreneurship: European Perspective3INBU 380International Entrepreunership3
SpainIES MadridSpring2017Information Systems217-13847Communications Networks and Services6INFO 325Intro to Data and Network Communication3
SpainIES MadridSpring2017Information SystemsB301Operational Management Company6INFO 335Production and Operations Management3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science13870Linear Algebra3MATH 180Intro to Linear Algebra3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018Spanish LanguageIB 53008Entrepenuership6MGMT 351Entrepreneurship3
SpainIES MadridSpring2017Information SystemsB403Corporate Policy6MGMT 390Business Policy3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017FilmFILM 51611Spain in Cinema: Local & Global Perspective3MJFC 346Film Analysis3
SpainCIEE MadridFall2022Computer Science13867Physics3PHYS 013General Physics for Science and Engineering Students3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017AllPOL 51617Politics and Society in the European Union3POLS 188Eropean Politics3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2017AllPS 350Human Devlopment in the Spanish Socio-Cultural Context3PSYC 022Developmental Psychology3
SpainAIFS GrandaFall2022AllSOCI 307ELatin American Civilization and Culture3PSYC 025Social Psychology3
SpainCIEE MadridSpring2018AllPSYC 2101Positive Psychology3PSYC 043Independent Research Study3
SpainCIEE AlicanteSpring2018AllCOMM 3301Intercultural Communication And Leadership3SLMC 301Intercultural and International Communication3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017Spanish LanguageEconomics 335Inequality, Poverty and Globalisation3SOCI 151Sociology of Poverty3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017AllCS 51603Barcelona Journey Towards Sustainability3SOCI 199Enviornmental Inequalities3
SpainAIFS GrandaFall2022SpanishSPAN 104Spanish Grammar3SPAN 001Spanish 13
SpainAIFS GrandaFall2022SpanishSPAN 107Speaking and Writing Skills3SPAN 002Spanish 23
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2017Spanish LanguageSpanish 201Intensive Spanish language - Intermediate3SPAN 004Spanish IV3
SpainCIEE AlicanteSpring2018SpanishSPAN 3501Intensive Prep for Advnaced Spanish3SPAN 004Spanish IV3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2018AllCS 51600Barcelona, the City and its History3SPAN 014Intro to Humanities3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018Spanish LanguageSP 351lSpanish Language in Context: Independent Abraod I Intensive3SPAN 040Intensive Grammar Review3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023AllEspanol Preintermedio 51644Pre-Intermediate Spanish6SPAN 040 + SPAN 050Gramar Structures and Oral Communication3
SpainISEP MurciaFall2022Politcal ScienceCurso de Introduction3SPAN 052Reading and Writing3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023AllLiterature 51840Literary Texts: Interpret, Dialogue, Create3SPAN 052Reading and Writing3
SpainISEP MurciaFall2022Politcal ScienceTaller de Expression Oral Y Escrita and Curso de Introduction3SPAN 055Advanced Oral Expression I3
SpainCIEE AlicanteSpring2018SpanishSPAN 3003Preparation for Advanced Spanish Grammar3SPAN 058Intensive Grammar Review3
SpainCIEE AlicanteSpring2018SpanishSPAN 2005Oral Commmunication and Listening Comprehension3SPAN 058Oral Expression 13
SpainCIEE AlicanteSpring2018SpanishLITT 3003Spanish Literature: Women in Contemporary Spain3SPAN 058Women in Literature3
SpainCIEE AlicanteSpring2018SpanishLITT 3001Literature and Film: Two Genres in One3SPAN 058Spain and Latin America through Film3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018Spanish LanguageSP 322Spanish for Global Health: Independent Abroad3SPAN 058Introduction to Spanish- English Translation3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023AllSustainability 51869Climate Emergency, Enviornmentalism and Ecosocial Transition3SPAN 060Social Discourse3
SpainAIFS GranadaSpring2017All315The Diversity of Spanish in the World3SPAN 060Textual Analysis3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018Spanish LanguageSP 444Creative Writing Workshop: Short Stories in Spanish3SPAN 060Textual Analysis3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2018Spanish LanguageSP 323Business Spanish: Independent Abroad I3SPAN 060Business Spanish3
SpainAIFS GranadaSpring2017All311Current Spain in the Media3SPAN 064Spanish for the News Media3
SpainISEP MurciaFall2022Politcal ScienceArte Espanol3SPAN 077Advanced Composition3
SpainISEP MurciaFall2022Political ScienceGeografia e historia de Espana3SPAN 080Survey of Spanish Lit & Civ I3
SpainISEP MurciaFall2022Politcal SciencePolitica y Sociedad Espanolas. Los Medios de Comunicacion3SPAN 081Survey of Spanish Lit & Civ II3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023AllPOL 51613Society and Politics in Contemporary Spain3SPAN 081Contemporary Spain3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023AllFilm 51866History and Memory in Fiction: Cinematography and Literature3SPAN 194Spain and Hispanic America through Film3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023AllLANG 51606Spanish Speaking Techniques3SPAN 050Oral Communication II3
SpainAIFS BarcelonaSpring2023AllEspanol Preintermedio 51644Pre-Intermediate Spanish3SPAN 052Reading and Writing3
TaiwanCET TaiwanSummer2023AllTD/LADE 351Intermediate 23CHI 190 & CHI 191Independent Study 1 & 23
UAEISEP SharjahSpring2017AllHRM 121Islmaic Art and Heritage3ARTD 001Art History Elective3
UAEISEP SharjahSpring2017AllDES 331Entrepreneurship for Design3ARTD 125Creative Business: Indus: Prep & Entren.3
UAEISEP SharjahSpring2017AllDES 320Introduction to Web Design3ARTD 126Web Development & Interactive Media3
UAEISEP SharjahSpring2017All310Islmaic Political Phil3PHIL 140Cont. Moral Issues3
UAEISEP SharjahSpring2017All415INS War & Peace3POLS 173Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa3
South AfricaCIEE Cape TownSpring2024AllPHIL 055Intro to Philosophy3PHI1024FIntro to Philosophy18
South AfricaCIEE Cape TownSpring2024AllAFRO 185Black Women in America3AFS2100FGender, Sexuality, Politics24
South AfricaCIEE Cape TownSpring2024AllAFRO 131Black Philosophy, Religion ad Ritual3ASL220FAfrican, Religious Traditions18
South AfricaCIEE Cape TownSpring2024AllAFRO 101Commercial Exploitation of the Third World3ASL1201SRepresentations of Africa18
South AfricaCIEE Cape TownSpring2024AllARTH 162Intro to African Art3FIN1006FIntro to African Art18
NetherlandsISA AmsterdamSpring2024PsychologyPSYC 035Health Psychology3P_BSTRHEAStress and Health6
NetherlandsISA AmsterdamSpring2024PsychologyPSYC 032Psychology of Gender3S_BGIBeyond Gender Inequalities6
NetherlandsISA AmsterdamSpring2024AllFREN 077Advanced Grammar and Composition316108Advanced Written French3
NetherlandsISA AmsterdamSpring2024PsychologyPSYC 038Psychology of the Media3S_NMCNew Media Challenges6
NetherlandsISA AmsterdamSpring2024PsychologyPSYC 023Neuropsychology3P_BBAA_1Brain and Behavior Addiction6
NetherlandsISA AmsterdamSpring2024AllARTD 115Digital Design I3JCM 414Digital Graphic Design3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024AllSOCI 003Social Problems3SP/LAST 300Social Justice and Inequality in 21st Century Brazil3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024AllSOCI 175Sociology of Law3SP/POLI 310Brazilian Politics & Society3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024Portugese LanguagePORT 003Portugese III3SP/LANG 200Intermediate Portugese I3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024Portugese LanguagePORT 004Portuguese IV3SP/LANG 200Intermediate Portugese I3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024AllPOLS 179Foreign Policies Of Major Powers3SP/INTR 360Brazil-US Relations3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024AllECON 002Principles of Economics3SP/ECON 320Economics & Development in Brazil3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024AllPOLS 171Government and Politics of South America3SP/POLI 310Brazilian Politics & Society3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024AllAFRO 170Directed Research3SP/LAST 300Social Justice and Inequality in 21st Century Brazil3
BrazilCET Sao PauloSpring2024AllSOCI 166Race, Class, Gender3SP/SOCI 350Re-Thinking Racial Democracy in Brazil3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllARTH 161Art Appreciation3AH/HS 251Barcelona: The Cosmopolitan City3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllSOCI 151Sociology of Poverty3SO/AN 360Banditry and Mafias in the Mediterranean3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllSOCI 140Urban Sociology3US/AH 360The City as a Place to Live: The Barcelona Experience3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllPOLS 179Foreign Policies Of Major Powers3SQ/PO/IR 347The Wall: Borders, Violence and Separtaion in the Contemporary World3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllPOLS 188European Politics3PO 475Democracy in Western Europe3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllPOLS 197Comparative Political partiesP3PO/CM 323Campaigning in Europe: From Propoganda to Political marketing3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllSPAN 002Spanish II3SP 1021Novice Abroad II Intensive7
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessMKTG 355Retailing3SALUX001Luxury Brand Management3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessINBU 340International Financial Management3SAFIN002International Finance3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessINFO 335Production & Operations Management3SAMNT002Principles of Operations Management3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessMKTG 301International Marketing3SAMKG001International Marketing3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllPOLS 128Intro to International Relations3International Political Economy
FranceIES ParisSpring2024French LanguageFREN 001French I3FR 101French Language
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllARTH 161Art Appreciation3FH/CUArt, Design & Fashion
ScotlandCIEE GlasgowSpring2024Computer ScienceCSCI 201Computer Organization 13CS107Fundamentals of Computer Systems3
ScotlandCIEE GlasgowSpring2024AllHIST 050Intro to European History 13HIST 3101Scotland Past and Present3
ScotlandCIEE GlasgowSpring2024AllECON 095Internship3INSH 3801Internship Seminar3
ScotlandCIEE GlasgowSpring2024AllHUDV 191Service Learning in Human Development3SVCL 3701Service Learning Project3
ScotlandCIEE GlasgowSpring2024AllPOLS 001Intro to Political Science3L2107Politics: Concepts and Processes3
ScotlandCIEE GlasgowSpring2024AllCLAS 016Ideas In Antiquity3QQ211Making the Modern Human3
ScotlandCIEE GlasgowSpring2024AllHIST 051Intro to European History 23V1217Modern Europe3
AmmanCET JordanSpring2024Arabic LanguageARAB 002Arabic II3AM/LANG 200Novice High Modern Standard Arabic6
AmmanCET JordanSpring2024AllPOLS 178American Foreign Policy3AM/INTR 375The United States in the Arab World3
AmmanCET JordanSpring2024AllPOLS 173Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa3AM/THIR 370Culture, Politics, and Religion in Arab Theater3
AmmanCET JordanSpring2024AllPOLS 135Special Topics: Middle East, World Politics3AM/PEAC 365Refugees, Forced Migration and Integration in Jordan3
AmmanCET JordanSpring2024AllPOLS 008Politcal Economy3AM/ECON 340Middle East Studies & Internship in Amman3
AmmanCET JordanSpring2024AllARAB 050Oral Expression I3AM/LANG 110Novice Low Jordanian Dialect3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllSOCI 139Independent Study3CA/CLTR 340A Social History of Colombian Coffee3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllSOCI 006Independent Study3The Colombian Pacific Region: History and Culture3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllHIST 170Global Warming, People and Environment3CA/GEOG 310Environmental Conflicts, Territorialites, and ethnic Groups in Colombia3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllSOCI 170Principles of Criminal Justice3CA/SOCI 315Crime and Justice in Colombia3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllSOCI 166Race, Class, Gender3CA/SOCI 330Race and Identities: Debate in the Colombian Context3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllSPAN 052Reading and Writing3LANG 250Spanish as a Foreign Language - Level Beginner 23
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllPOLS 195Nationalism and Revolution3CA/POLI 320Reclaiming Blackness: Social and Politcal Movements in Colombia3
ColombiaCET CaliSpring2024AllSPAN 085Afro Latinidad Experiences: Cultures Race and Nations3CA/SOCI 330Race and Identities: Debate in the Colombian Context3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSpring2024AllPOLS 191Modern Politcal Theory3Politics 202Political Theory3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSpring2024AllPOLS 128International Relations3Politics 201International Relations3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSpring2024AllPOLS 001Introduction to Political Science3Politics 101Contemporary Politics3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSpring2024AllPOLS 179Foreign Policies Of Major Powers3Politics 233International Law and Organizations3
GreeceISEP ThessalonikSpring2024AllPOLS 192Contemporary Approaches to Political Theory3Politics 306Contemporary Development Issues3
MonteverdeCIEE Costa RicaSpring2024AllSOCI 144Climate Change, Energy, and Social Justice3ENVI 3001Sustainability: Environment, Economy, and Society3
MonteverdeCIEE Costa RicaSpring2024AllBIOL 3001Tropical Conservation Biology and Policy4POLS 139Science and Public Policy3
MonteverdeCIEE Costa RicaSpring2024AllIDSD 190Independent Studies3INSH 3003Internship: Conservation and Sustainability Internship3
MonteverdeCIEE Costa RicaSpring2024AllSPAN 001Spanish I3SPAN 1005Spanish Language - Beginning 14
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024AllSOCI 151Sociology of Poverty3ECON 335Inequality, Poverty, and Globalization3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024AllINBU 300Principles of International Business3BUS 307International Business3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024AllINFO 385Intro to E Business3BUS 317E Commerce and Online Business3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024AllHIST 001Introduction to Study of Civilization I3HIS 323Spanish Civilization and Culture3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024PhotographyARTE 085Digital Photography3ART 328Digital Photography3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024AllSPAN 004Spanish IV3Spanish 201Intermediate Spanish 13
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024AllINBU 340International Financial Management3Business 308International Finance3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024BusinessMGMT 351Entrepreneurship3Business 316Entrepreneurship and New Veture Creation3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024BusinessBECN 330Managerial Economics3Economics 304Strategic Behavior in Business and Economics3
BarcelonaAIFS SpainSpring2024BusinessENGL 281Topics in Literature3Literature 301The Image of Barcelona in Literature3
United KingdomAIFS LondonSpring2024AllSOCI 174Police, Law, and Society3CRIM 333Comparative Crimonology and Criminal Justice3
United KingdomAIFS LondonSpring2024AllSOCI 079Internship3GE 298Global Experience International Internship3
United KingdomAIFS LondonSpring2024AllSOCI 144Climate Change, Energy, and Social Justice3POLI/SOCI 318London and Social Justice Movement3
United KingdomAIFS LondonSpring2024AllSOCI 121Collective Behavior3PSYC 320Theories of Personality3
United KingdomAIFS LondonSpring2024AllSOCI 130Principles of Demography3SOCI 335Diverity in London: Minority Ethnicities, Immigration and Integration3
United KingdomAIFS LondonSpring2024AllSOCI 125Global Health: Challenges, Responses and Future Actions3PSYC 315The Science of Wellbeing3
South KoreaIES SeoulSpring2024AllARTH 161Art Appreciation3Korean Art History
South KoreaIES SeoulSpring2024AllHHPL 048Exercise & Wellness1Physical Training
South KoreaIES SeoulSpring2024AllSOCI 020Social Psychology3Society and Human Behavior
South KoreaIES SeoulSpring2024AllSLMC 101Principals of Speech3ELL2002Speech and Debate3
South KoreaIES SeoulSpring2024AllKORE 002Korean II3IEEE 1012Basic Korean II3
South KoreaIES SeoulSpring2024AllENGL 014Intro to Humanities3ELL 3902Western Classics3
South KoreaIES SeoulSpring2024AllPHIL 055Introduction to Philosophy3YCE1001Myth & Psychology3
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllENGL 243British Romantic Sensibilities3EN 2005Romanticism15
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllSCHM 375Seminar on Information Technology3BM 2206Digital Business15
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllINFO 335Production and Operations Management3BM 1201Operations and Supply Management15
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllBCCN 330Managerial Economics3BM 1101Business Economics15
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2024AllJAPN 040Grammar Review3JPN111Japanese I4
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2024AllECON 180Statistics-Bus and Econ3MTH111Mathematics and Statistics for Business and Economics4
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2024AllANTH 110Intro to Cultural Anthropology3ANT202Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology4
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2024AllECON 002Principles of Economics II3IBE200Principles of Micro Economics4
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2024AllINFO 204Management Information Systems3IBD601International Information System and Management4
JapanCIEE TokyoSpring2024AllSOCI 001Introduction to Sociology3SOC201Intro to Sociology4
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllBLAW 305Business Law3BM2210Introduction to Business Law15
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllINFO 384Business Analytics3BM2205Financial and Business Analytics15
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllHUMA 107Women in Literature3EN3010Writing Women15
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllFINA 363Financial Model and Analysis3FR2208Risk Analysis and Modeling15
United KingdomIES LondonSpring2024AllINFO 396Project Management3IN3040Project Management15
ItalyISA RomeSpring2024AllHIST 050Introduction to European History3HST 200History of Modern Italy3
ItalyISA RomeSpring2024AllARTE 080Intro to Digital Design3DM 105Digital Design: Print Graphics3
ItalyISA RomeSpring2024AllARTH 161Art Appreciation3AH 100Art of Rome3
ItalyISA RomeSpring2024AllENGL 112American Literature Foundation3ENG 204Survey of African Literature3
ItalyISA RomeSpring2024AllSCOM 120Digital Media Literacy3COM 306Digital Media + Society3
FranceISEP ChamberySpring2024AllAFRO 121Special Topics in Black Studies3RELA502_LEAFranco-African Relations from 1945 to the Present Day6
FranceISEP ChamberySpring2024AllFREN 004French IV3DUEF A1Accents-Le University Diploma of French Studies30
FranceISEP ChamberySpring2024AllFREN 003French III3DUEF A1Accents-Le University Diploma of French Studies30
FranceISEP ChamberySpring2024AllFREN 002French II3DUEF A1Accents-Le University Diploma of French Studies30
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 110Elementary Statistics3SO 2260Introduction to Statistical Thinking3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 183Introduction to Medical Sociology3SO 3007LE Health and Society3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 140Urban Sociology3SO 4106Urban Sociology3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 180The Family3SO 2020Family and Gender Roles3
Costa RicaCIEE MonteverdeSpring2024AllSOCI 144Climate Change, Energy, and Social Justice3ENVI 3001Sustainability: Environment, Economy, and Society4
Costa RicaCIEE MonteverdeSpring2024AllSPAN 001Spanish I3SPAN 1005Spanish Language - Beginning 14
Costa RicaCIEE MonteverdeSpring2024AllEEED 890Earth, Enviornment, and Equity2BIOL 3002Costa Rican Natural History2
Costa RicaCIEE MonteverdeSpring2024AllSPAN 002Spanish II3SPAN 1006Spanish Language - Beginning II4
Costa RicaCIEE MonteverdeSpring2024AllPOLS 139Science and Public Policy3BIOL 3001Tropical Conservation Biology and Policy4
Costa RicaCIEE MonteverdeSpring2024AllIDSD 190Independent Studies A3INSH 3003Conservation and Sustainability Internship3
South AfricaIES Cape TownSpring2024AllAFST 111African Systems of Thought3ASL2202FAfrican Political Thought24
South AfricaIES Cape TownSpring2024AllPOLS 154Gender,Law & Politics3AFS2100FGender,Sexuality, and Politics24
South AfricaIES Cape TownSpring2024AllENGL 281Topics in Literature3ELL2000FCultures of Empire, Resistance, and Post Coloniality24
South AfricaIES Cape TownSpring2024AllPOLS 004Intro to Political Theory3POL2002FPolitical Theory24
South AfricaIES Cape TownSpring2024AllPOLS 003Intro to Comparative Politics3POL2038FComparative Politics24
South AfricaIES Cape TownSpring2024AllAFST 500Research in African Studies3ASL3200FPoltiical Economy of Africa30
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllSLMC 402Practicum - Internship3IN 395Internship Seminar3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllMGMT 351Entrepreneurship3IB 360Entrepreneurship & Start Ups: A European Perspective3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllMKTG 355Retailing Management3MK 340Luxury Business Strategies & Communication3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllFINA 311Principles of Finance3IP2FIN007Principles of Corporate Finance3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllINBU 300International Business3IB 300International Business3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllGERM 001German I3GERM 1001German Language - Beginning I3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllCSCI 421Computer and Video Game Development3CMPS 1002Fundamentals of Video Game Design and Development3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllECON 095Internship3INSH 3801Internship Seminar3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllHIST 050Introduction to European History I3HIST 3003Berlin - The Capital of the 20th Century3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllECON 197Economic Problems of Western Europe3ECON 3001Reinventing Berlin's Economy after the Fall of the Wall3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllHIST 051Introduction to European History II3HIST 3101Berlin's Post-War Monuments and Memorials3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllHUMA 107Women in Literature3LITT 3002Contemporary German Women Writers3
GermanyCIEE BerlinSpring2024AllGERM 111Classic Films in English3CINE 300German Cinema: Berlin on Screen3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024EconomicsECON 197Economic Problems of Western Europe3342European Regional Economies6
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024EconomicsECON 187Comparative Economic Systems3340Globalized economy and Migration6
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllSPAN 052Reading & Writing3201Spanish Language in Context: Novice Abroad4
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllENGL 280Topics in Literature and Writing3LT 375Barcelona and the Latin America Literary Boom3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllENGL 014Intro to Humanities I3HS/AH 251Barcelona: The Cosmopolitan City3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllHIST 168Geography of Europe3GE/ES 311Mediterranean Environment3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllSPAN 004Spanish IV3SP 201Spanish Language in Context: Novice Abroad4
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllHIST 051Introduction to Europe History II3SO/HS 333Discrimination and Persecution in Spain and the West3
SpainIES BarcelonaSpring2024AllENGL 280Topics in Literature and Writing3LT 252Travel Writing in Spain/Europe: Between Self and Other3
United KingdomISA LondonSpring2024AllPSYC 021Cognitive Psychology3PSZ211Cognitive Psychology15
United KingdomISA LondonSpring2024AllPSYC 035Health Psychology3PSZ216Health Psychology15
United KingdomISA LondonSpring2024AllTHFD 010Introduction to Theatre3THE322Theatre History and Culture3
United KingdomISA LondonSpring2024AllCLAS 109Classical Mythology3GRK 223Introduction to Greek and Roman Mythology3
United KingdomISA LondonSpring2024AllRUSS 100Russian Short Stories in English3RUS4016Contemporary Russian Short Stories15
United KingdomISA LondonSpring2024AllPOLS 001Introduction to Political Science3POL110AThinking Politically: Introduction to Concepts, Theories, and Ideologies15
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 110Elementary Statistics3SO 2260Introduction to Statistical Thinking3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 183Introduction to Medical Sociology3SO 3007LE Health and Society3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 140Urban Sociology3SO 4106Urban Sociology3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 180The Family3SO 2020Family and Gender Roles3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllARTH 161Art Appreciation3AT 1000History of Art I3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllCLAS 104Greek Civilization3HY 1000Survey of Western Civilization3
GreeceISA AthensSpring2024AllSOCI 020Social Psychology3Social Psychology3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessMKTG 355Retailing3SALUX001Luxury Brand Management3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessINBU 340International Financial Management3SAFIN002International Finance3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessINFO 335Production & Operations Management3SAMNT002Principles of Operations Management3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024BusinessMKTG 301International Marketing3SAMKG001International Marketing3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024EconomicsECON 191International Economics3IR/EC 340Economic Integraton and European Markets3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllPOLS 128Intro to International Relations3PO/EC350International Political Economy and the New World Order3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024French LanguageFREN 001French I3FR 101French Language3
FranceIES ParisSpring2024AllARTH 161Art Appreciation3FH/CUArt, Design & Fashion3

A First Impression of the Study Abroad Experience in Spain