Howard University established an International Affairs Center in 1993 to serve as a focal point for the University’s many and varied international activities and interests.
The Center serves, in addition, as Howard’s point of contact for a range of inquiries from entities outside the University: foreign embassies, governments, universities and corporations, as well as U.S. government agencies. As lecturers, the Center hosts heads of state and government; Cabinet officers; and a broad range of scholars and officials involved in international affairs.


Our mission is to serve as the hub and catalyst for enhancing international engagement for the benefit of the HU community. In doing so, the Center integrates global perspectives into the HU experience, promotes education abroad, facilitates deeper scholarship on global issues, supports cross-cultural dialogue and respect for cultural diversity, and prepares leaders who can find solutions to global problems.


Through our exceptional internationally focused programming and activities, the RBC will position HU to be a leader among Higher Education institutions in preparing and empowering students to be globally competent leaders with the capacity to affect change at home and abroad.

  • Promoting cross-cultural dialogue, civil discourse and respect for cultural diversity within the university and beyond
  • Facilitating deeper scholarship and engagement on global issues, particularly within the African diaspora
  • Preparing students for careers in international leadership and service
  • Facilitating engagement and deeper scholarship across all disciplines on global issues
  • Advancing the University’s effort to expand its international footprint and role in world affairs
  • Empowering socially conscious global citizens who can create innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems