Nijhier-Aleem Lattimer

Program Assistant - Pickering Fellowship

Nijhier-Aleem, also known to his colleagues and peers as Ni (Nh-EYE), is a native of the Jersey Shore and graduate of The Howard University, College of Arts and Sciences. There, he studied Classical Civilization and African American studies with a particular focus in Hieroglyphics, Sahidic Coptic, and Latin, in addition to art history. Nijhier-Aleem recently joined the Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship team as Program Coordinator; bringing to the team several years of coordinating experience with executive and corporate programs from the Howard School of Business. Currently, he holds his Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification and is in pursuit of his PMP certification as well as his Master’s in Public Administration focusing on Public Policy and Cultural Sustainability. Nijhier-Aleem is an avid lover and supporter of the Arts. In his spare time, he enjoys reading various non-fiction and fiction literature, discussing various topics or “thesis,” as he calls them, with friends, and painting.