This Program’s Theme Will Focus On:

  • Police and CommunityRelations
  • Regulatory Challengesand Barriers PreventingEffective Policing
  • Community Oversight
  • Youth and Police Interactions
  • Policing Models
  • Administration of Law Enforcement Agencies and Personnel
  • The Role and Impact of the Media
  • The Effect of Colonialism on Personal Views
  • Police Brutality
  • Crime Prevention as a Bridge

In honor of the 150th anniversary of Howard University, the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center is hosting a conference highlighting the relationship between the US and the Caribbean. We are seeking paper abstract submissions, panel proposals and workshop proposals as part of the conference entitled Police, Law & Society: Tying the Caribbean to the Black Experience. Workshops and papers should emphasize current topics of particular interest to community members from all academic disciplines.

June 2, 2017

Submissions are not limited to the aforementioned topics and the committee will welcome those covering related issues. All inquiries and proposals should be emailed to Tiffany Simmons at no later than June 2, 2017.
Acceptances will be emailed starting May 15, 2017 and will be issued on a rolling basis through the deadline. Early submissions are encouraged.

Entry Requirements

1. Draft Call for Papers

The information contained in your abstract is the basis for the acceptance of your paper into the program.

  1. Your abstract should contain 200-500 words. Do not feel obligated to use the full-allotted length. Relevance, novelty and clarity are what our members look for at our conference.
  2. Author(s) (Names, affiliation and contact information)
  3. A short biography of the author(s) (up to 200 words)

2. Panels and Seminars Format

Each workshop proposal (maximum 3 pages) must include:

  1. Title of the panel or seminar
  2. Names, addresses, and a short biography (up to 200 words) of the organizers
  3. A brief description (1 page max) of the issues that the workshop will address, emphasizing its timeliness
  4. Names of potential participants, such as program committee members and invited speakers
  5. Planned format of the workshop, such as number of technical presentations, demonstrations, etc.
  6. If appropriate, a description of past versions of the workshop, including number of presentations, number of attendees, etc.

3. Workshop Proposal Format

Each workshop proposal (maximum 5 pages) must include:

  1. Title of the workshop
  2. Description of the issues covered, emphasizing the timeliness of the proposed workshop (1 page maximum)
  3. Workshop Organizers (names, affiliation and contact information)
  4. A short biography of the organizers (up to 200 words)
  5. Names of potential participants, such as invited speakers (indication that speakers accepted to participate is a plus)
  6. Planned format of the workshop, including:
  • Duration of the workshop: Half-day, Full-day and tentative schedule
  • Preferred day of workshop: Monday, July or Tuesday, July 11
    (please note preference is not guaranteed)
  • Unique, creative and novel workshops formats are strongly encouraged

All questions should be emailed to

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC in July!

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