The most popular countries for travel include; South Africa, China, Ghana, Ethiopia, Spain, England, Mexico, Haiti, France, Costa Rica, and India. (A small number of students ‐ <10, were able to participate in more than one international opportunity).

These experiences have ranged from 7 day study tours to 1‐2 semester long immersion programs. Students have participated from varying disciplines including; Engineering, Pharmacy, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Communications, Economics, History, African Studies, Business, Education, Dentistry, Graduate studies, and various other programs.

The College/School/Program that was the sponsoring unit for the most students was the College of Arts & Sciences (118). The Freshman Leadership Academy (65), School of Business (60), School of Law (40), College of Medicine (40) School of Social Work (35), and CEACS (34) also were the host units of large number of international student travelers.

School/College/Unit Number of Students

College of Arts & Sciences 118
Freshmen Leadership Academy 65
School of Business 60
School of Law 40
College of Medicine 40
School of Social Work 35
College of Engineering, Architecture, and
Computer Science 34

Country / Number of Students
South Africa 111
China 107
Ethiopia 44
Ghana 43
Spain 27
England 21
Mexico 16
Haiti 15
France 12
Costa Rica 9
India 7